Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is a big day...

After gentle nudges to start a blog turned to forceful, threatening shoves from some of my friends,  I decided to give in. I've had this blog open for a few months now, but the pressure of writing a first post has been way too much for me. I feel like a first post is like naming a child. When I hear someone's name before meeting them, I picture what they will be like in real life. For example, if I heard the name Gertrude, I would picture a girl with crooked teeth, short arms, and a round face who probably has a shortage of friends. She could actually be a really cool girl, but her parents made the mistake of naming her Gertrude, and with that comes some negative connotation. I knew that if the first thing I wrote about in this blog turned out to be a Gertrude, the whole tone would be set for the rest of its life. I could write about something worthwhile every now and then, but it wouldn't matter because I named my blog Gertrude. Make sense? 

Anyway...I say all this because I want this entry to be worth it. I want this first one to be about something that is important to me and that I won't look back 5 years from now and wonder what I was thinking when I wrote it. What is going on right now that would still be significant in 5 years? I know. Today is January 8, TRENTON'S BIRTHDAY! Congratulations, Trenton, you win the spot of the sacred first post.

I don't feel like I make it known enough how much I love this guy. I love that he is always excited to see me, that he works hard even when he is wiped out, and that he can quote any children's cartoon movie. He does everything with intention, and it's always done carefully, creatively, and to perfection. I love watching shows, playing games, and eating awesome food with him. He is constantly making me want to be a better person just by being his normal self, and that, so far, has been the biggest blessing for me in our marriage. He deserves to feel special every day, but I hope that this birthday is extra special!

I love you, Trenton Pope!